Your Best Life Wellness Coaching offers a variety of packages and programs to help you meet all of your health goals – from weight loss to stress management to healthy lifestyle changes – using natural approaches to healthy living. 

Individual Coaching Packages

Foundations of Healthy Eating Package – $495

This program will provide you with the essentials of proper nutrition and health eating and how they fit into your busy life.

What You Get

  • 5 health coaching sessions focusing on proper nutrition and how to make healthy habits work for you while on the go
  • 1 pantry makeover in which we go through your pantry and fridge together organizing it to prioritize healthy foods and identifying opportunities to make healthy substitutes
  • 1 smart shopping trip in which I will accompany you to the grocery store to teach you how to shop for healthy options and read labels for hidden health threats
  • Educational and supportive materials

Family Health Package – $550

It’s so much easier to get your kids to eat healthy when they are involved in the process! This package is designed to get your whole family learning and involved in making healthy changes using interactive educational activities.

What You Get

  • 6 in-home coaching sessions for you and your whole family to teach you how to live a L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition) lifestyle
  • Educational materials
  • Optional nutrition and health assessments for all family members

Stress Buster Package – $275

Stress can take an immense toll on our health and is related to so many of our unhealthy habits. This package allows you to invest in yourself by developing a solid self-care routine, learning stress management methods that work for you, and how to conquer those stress cravings.

What You Get

  • Initial consult
  • 3 coaching sessions focused on practical stress management strategies
  • A supplemental blend of clinically-tested, natural ingredients including adaptogenic herbs to help support your body in its stress response