Workshops are a great way to spread the health! I offer a number of workshops for groups and tailor workshops and lunch-and-learns to a group’s needs. Below is just a sampling of the workshop options available. To book or learn more, email or call 508-470-1880.

Stress and Your Body

Stress is more than just a headache – it can also impact our weight, our sleep, our immune system, and more. This workshop will explore the effects of our bodies’ stress response and small things we can do each day to make a big difference in how stress affects our lives and our health. From when we eat to what we eat to how we relax, we’ll cover practical ways you can control your stress.

Making Mindful Choices

We have all been there – we’ve had a really rough day. We get home and the next thing we know, we’ve eaten the whole pint of ice cream or half a pizza and are angry with ourselves for overindulging. In this workshop, we will talk about those moments that lead to overeating and regret and learn some mindful strategies for recognizing those triggers as they’re occurring and redirecting ourselves to make more healthful, mindful choices.

Shaking the Sugar

Today, sugar is everywhere – even hiding in some of the least suspect foods that we assume are healthy. In this workshop, we will talk about the health impacts of sugar, how to read labels to find it in packaged foods, and substitutions we can make to help us shake the sugar habit.

Skinny Smoothies

Smoothies are lauded by fitness gurus and health magazines as bastions of health but it is very easy to turn your skinny smoothie into a calorie bomb. In this workshop, we’ll talk about the components of a healthful smoothie, the pitfalls that lead to overly-caloric shakes, and healthful add-ons you can mix into your smoothies for an extra health boost. Participants also receive a free smoothie recipe e-book and get to sample some of the recipes.

Setting Achievable Goals

With all of the pressure that surrounds us to have perfectly thin and fit bodies, it can be very easy to set our goals far too high and, when we don’t meet them, we often become discouraged and spiral in the opposite direction because “what’s the point.” In this workshop, we’ll talk about some of the factors we should consider in setting our fitness goals and how to make them happen. Participants will leave with achievable health and fitness goals and a plan to (at least) start working on them.